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Las Vegas Cannabis Deals receives daily cannabis deals from
a number of the leading dispensaries in Las Vegas.

Everyday the cannabis deals change and depending on what you’re looking for like Vape Pens, Flower, Edible’s, Concentrates or Pre-Rolls (personally I hate that name, what ever happened to Joints?) we can save you money.

The long lines are over, but visiting a Medical Marijuana or Recreational Cannabis Dispensary is not like running into your local 7-11 for a Coke. There is still some time involved usually about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the time of day, location and the product pricing.
This is why it is important to use Las Vegas Cannabis Deals.

Tell us what you’re looking for and we will find the sales for you. Prices change for locals everyday.

Get “local” Pricing

Don't trust a Taxi driver to find a dispensary for you?
Some drivers are getting paid to bring people to some dispensaries.
They don't know the different strain's or other cannabis products and most important pricing.

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Nevada accepts Out of State Medical Cannabis Cards

Nevada has been honoring Medical Marijuana/Cannabis Cards from any legal state for years. If you are currently using Medical Marijuana in any legal state you can visit any licensed dispensary in Nevada and know that you can get your medicine once your arrive in Nevada. Medical Cannabis patients simply fill out a form at any local dispensary prior to purchase and show your Medical Card and ID.

By working with Las Vegas Cannabis Deals, our team can find what type of strains or cannabis/marijuana products your looking for.

Remember you must be 21 and please keep these products away from children.



Look who we ran into
in Las Vegas

Wow you saved us about $80, well worth the drive, Thanks Dan TX

emails: Just a quick note of thanks to let you know that I survived Las Vegas, and even managed to eat all my chocolates! Umm those Brownie Bites are to die for! I loved that little black Pen you recommended and am now a stalwart convert. I really sincerely thank you, the service you are providing should not be overlooked by the Las Vegas Cannibusiness...

Thank you for the excellent, knowledgeable tour of the smoking-hot Med-Rec Cannibas scene in Las Vegas.  Getting a chance to visit some fantastic dispensaries made everyone of my side trips a pleasure. I will definitely recommend your service to my visiting friends, and look you up the next time I am out west.
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Let us help you plan your trip 
Working with Las Vegas Cannabis Deals you will Save Time and Money.

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How can we help you?
Let us Save you Time and Money

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You must be 21 years old

Full Spectrum or Isolated Hemp CBD

We use a local Hemp CBD wholesaler for our quality CBD products. This allows us to offer the lowest prices and cuts out the middleman saving you money.

  • USA grown hemp
  • Organic farming practices
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant
  • Full-spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp extract
  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction
  • Additive and solvent free
  • White Label Program

CBD Information